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Here’s what other leaders and influential people are saying about Bob

Bob Goshen is creative, enthusiastic and a hard working man of integrity who delivers even more than he promises. He is a delight to work with and has a special talent for energizing and encouraging others to do their best. He is a top performer in every area of life.

Zig Ziglar
Motivational Speaker and

It’s rare to find a man who loves his work. Almost invariably when you find such a man, he is a success. It’s easy to see that Bob Goshen loves his work, and certainly no one can question his success.

Lou Holtz
Motivational Speaker & Legendary Notre Dame Coach

As a speaker myself, I have shared the stage with the likes of General Colin Powell, Christopher Reeve, Dr. Denis Waitley, Robert Schuller, Tony Robbins and Barbara Bush, among many others. But never have I heard a message that transformed my own life in the way that Bob’s presentations have impacted me.

Jim Stovall
Athlete and Entrepreneur

Bob Goshen is a multi-talented individual who cares. Those two characteristics are essential to success, and he is successful. Bob has achieved success by being innovative and with a great work ethic. My association with Bob through many years has been most rewarding and motivating. In my business you put the guys that can get the job done on the first team. Bob Goshen is first team in my books.

Grant Teaff
President American Football Association

Bob is one of my favorite people. I’ve enjoyed platforming with him on several occasions; he is a tough act to follow!

Ty Boyd
Founder of Executive Learning Systems
Past President of the National Speakers Association