Whether you are a Fortune 500 company, a non-profit organization, government entity or a small business, Bob offers a portfolio of services that can help propel you and your organization to be better in what you do.

Public Speaking Services

  • Professional Keynote Speaker
  • Leadership Speaker
  • Chamber of Commerce Speaker
  • Management Training
  • Leadership Development and Training
  • Team Dynamics
  • Business Consulting
  • One on One Mentoring

Professional Speaker & Training Programs


Bob Goshen delivers several types of presentations that can meet the keynote speaker and leadership training needs of your group, organization or business:

Motivational Speaker: As an entertaining and inspirational motivational keynote speaker, Bob Goshen delivers high-energy, entertaining, and thought-provoking motivating and inspiring keynote speeches that are filled with one-of-a-kind stories that entertain and ideas that make people think.

Leadership Speaker: Realistic and proven leadership principles and techniques delivered by Bob in a humorous, passionate and engaging way. A presentation that has become a hallmark at Chamber of Commerce, business, church and college events.

Marketing and Direct Sales Training Sessions: Bob’s high-content, high-energy presentation is packed with ideas that help your audience improve their productivity, their profitability, and their leadership performance. Learning becomes easy and fun.

Bob Goshen knows how to develop leaders and energize employees to work together to achieve greater performance levels. That is what he has been doing for decades, and he is still doing it today. He has the mind of a spy and gets the results of a business guru.


Leadership Auto-Pilot: The Secret to 21st Century Global Leadership: developing a geographically dispersed leadership team that can get things done anytime, anywhere.

This program will be delivered by the man that thinks like a spy and gets the results of a business maven – Bob Goshen. He’s developed and led high-performance leadership teams for companies similar in size to Fortune 100 companies, both domestically and globally, with upwards of 200,000 people reporting to him.

Bob Goshen teaches you how to develop a leadership team that works effectively across departmental and geographic boundaries. Produce a leadership team that’s on auto-pilot to drive your corporate culture and lead a high performance workforce. In this program your attendees learn to:

Define your global goals and objectives for your leadership culture

Identify the characteristics needed for your leadership team to operate as a high performance team

Use a proven system to duplicate the leadership you need and the environment you seek to create or sustain

Learn to sustain increased growth and profitability with a powerful culture driven by your leadership team all over the world

Increase team-work and communication effectiveness between your leadership team in different departments and leaders in various geographical locations

Establish long-term goals along with succession planning and mentoring objectives for a high-performance leadership organization


CultureLeadĀ®: Creating a culture that leads your organization to improved profitability, performance, and customer retention.

Since 1975, Bob Goshen has both led and worked with organizations to train and equip their leadership cultures to promote an environment for employees and leaders to do their best work. Bob helped some of the most profitable companies on the planet to sustain profitability and growth through a well-crafted and executed leadership culture strategy.

Learn to develop a leadership culture that’s on auto-pilot, continuously reinforcing your organizations values and delivering on customer demands. That’s a leadership culture that sustains growth and momentum where all employees can make an impact. In this program your attendees will learn to:

Determine organizational or leadership values and how they translate into the desired organizational culture

Create systems and accountability that empower non-management employees to drive the organizational culture at every level of the organization – touching every customer, creating the desired customer experience, and creating customer loyalty

Implement systems to empower your leadership team to CultureLeadĀ®: Living leadership that sets the example for the entire organization and sets the standard that direct reports will emulate internally

Learn the critical characteristics to maintain a long-term healthy leadership culture domestically or globally

Learn the fatal mistakes that organizations make when changing or improving their organizational culture and environment

Ensure a sustained and healthy culture with a game-plan to help you keep your culture consistently healthy during times of change

Learn what the best organizations know about using healthy employee and leadership cultures to profit tremendously


Enhance the power of your sales and marketing professionals, giving them the ideas and systems that they can use to be more successful. Additionally, harness the power of your leadership team to powerfully ally with your sales/marketing teams to ensure an important sales or marketing initiative is successfully executed departmentally or enterprise-wide.


“Thank you again for your most inspiring talk to our real estate associates. Your ability to relate to our industry and our particular perspectives was certainly obvious. Both Associates and staff benefited from your observations and suggestions for improvements in both professional and personal advice. We look forward to having you with us again in the near future.”
-Sheldon Detrick, Detrick Prudential Realty

Think Globally, Lead Locally: Power Leadership and Marketing Principles for Local Market Dominance from the designer and director of the most successful marketing initiative of all time for Coca-Cola: Bob Goshen’s Partners In Education Initiative. In this program your attendees will learn to:

Bring the marketing and leadership ideas and skills used to craft and execute the hugely successful Coca-Cola marketing initiative to your organization

Develop a unique marketing strategy that will give your organization a sustained advantage, improved profitability and market share
Learn how to duplicate similar marketing and leadership successes in your own organization – no matter the size of your marketing initiative or employee base

Discover the competitive edge and extra momentum that duplicating leaders in your organization can give you to improve marketing effectiveness
Strategically align the power of your leadership team behind a common marketing goal and objective for increased profitability
Use the synergy from various departments and business units to track progress, grow earnings, improve sales, and spearhead any initiative company-wide


21st Century Market Dominance: Power Leadership and Marketing Principles for Market Dominance In the world of the Internet, often markets that once were local are now global. give your sales and marketing team the training they need to compete in the global marketplace. In this program your attendees will learn to:

Utilize marketing and leadership systems used to craft and execute the successful global marketing initiatives

Develop a unique marketing strategy that gives your organization a sustained international advantage, improved profitability, and greater market share

Learn how to integrate successful marketing and leadership principles into your organization or business – no matter how large or small your marketing initiative or employee base

Realize the competitive edge and improved marketing effectiveness that your organization obtains by adding leadership development and training to your program

Strategically unify the resourcefulness of your leadership team behind a common international marketing objectives and goal for increased profitability

Use the synergy from all your departments or business units to spearhead company-wide initiatives, find new sales leads and markets, track progress, and grow earnings.

Make your reservation now to bring Bob Goshen’s professional speaker program to help your marketing and sales workforce, business leadership team or your non-profit organization.

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