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Zig ZiglarAuthor and Public Speaker/Trainer

“Bob Goshen is a creative, enthusiastic, hardworking man of integrity, who delivers more than he promises. Moreover, he is a delight to work with and has a special talent for energizing others to do their best. He is a top performer in every area of his life.”

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Why Work With Bob?

  • Bob’s motivational speeches bring a fire and passion in delivering his message on leadership and the development of a vibrant corporate culture, sharing platforms with the notable Ronald Reagan, Lou Holtz, Zig Ziglar, and Jim Stovall.
  • He has shared lectures around the world including Russia, China, India, the majority of Europe and Asia, and the entire United States.
  • Bob has been a keynote speaker for General Don Campbell (a past Commanding General of Fort Hood and European Command), and has spoken at top universities and Fortune 100 companies. From a coliseum of 25,000 people to a small room of designated leaders, Bob’s message remains consistent with a mantra of Encouraging-Empowering-Equipping those he engages, both personally and corporately.
  • Bob demonstrated his leadership capabilities when he served on TARGET, which is a national board for drug prevention developed by the National High School Athletic Association with former Baseball Commissioner and leading CEOs.
  • As part of his culture training, Bob created a marketing strategy for Coca-Cola, called “Partners in Education,” which incorporates his high-quality training videos aimed for every high school and college in the U.S.
  • Bob worked as a leadership instructor with U.S. Military Camp Santiago for troops worldwide, traveling to 42 different embassies.
  • Bob served on the Citizens Trust advisory committee will Bill Marriot Jr. and other leading CEOs.
  • He contributed to the corporate culture of the CVN network by creating America’s Top 10 Football Coaches.
  • Bob was instrumental in developing the company culture of Modere—an e-commerce platform that develops high-quality, safe products for every home around the world. His responsibility initially was to instill a new culture into a twenty-seven-year-old company with sales of 300 million dollars, training 250 employees from the C-Suite to the warehouse, while engaging the sales force with ongoing leadership and culture development. He later became an equity partner
Turning around a 300-million-dollar company in annual revenue, with 250 employees, demands a consistent culture. Bob Goshen is a master at revamping corporate culture. Six years ago, we asked Bob to assess and fix the culture in our company. Bob successfully flushed out the old habits and inspired our people with vision and excitement for the future. Our clients felt the difference immediately, and our business has been growing rapidly ever since. Thank you, Bob!
Robert Conlee
Chairman of the Board

Bob is the author of the best-selling book, The Power
of Layered Leadership: How to Discover, Develop, & Duplicate Leaders.

  • In his book, Bob tells the story of how he started his own business, and then how he lost it all.
  • However, as a motivator and mentor, Bob chooses to focus on how life is about Recovery, with a capital R. So, the message in his book is to "Get a grip! We’re going to spend more time in Recovery than in Joy. So, get used to it. Every recovery gives us our greatest life lessons. We need to get away from 'It’s not my fault' and ask ourselves, 'How am I going to recover?'"
  • Bob also refers to another powerful leadership skill he learned while in the Navy: responding rather than reacting. People are afraid of objections for which they feel unprepared. The solution is to rehearse your response so well, that your response holds all the power. According to Bob, the secret to communication is the level of self-confidence of the individual. "No one can perform beyond how they see themselves."
    Bob’s experiences have given him a passion for corporate culture development in Houston. Therefore, Bob has devoted his time to motivational speaking, writing and promoting his favorite charity. As an expert in life coaching and culture training, Bob covers topics such as:
  • Dreams vs Drama
  • Selecting those with a will to win
  • Criteria for finding a mentor
  • Excitement vs Exhaustion
  • Wasting emotion on what you can't control
  • Why we have become a gullible nation
  • Why it is better to create stars than to be a star
  • How to remain calm and confident in the face of adversity
  • Why "play ethic" is as important as "work ethic"
  • The perils of nepotism in business
  • Restoring a winning attitude